DENR Secretary Gina Lopez expressed elation at the Senate’s unanimous concurrence to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change on Tuesday, days after President Rodrigo Duterte ratified the landmark global environment pact.

“I’m very happy. This is a great victory for the planet. President Duterte set the stage for the Senate’s concurrence to the Paris Agreement," said Lopez, who had earlier thanked the President for supporting her confirmation.

According to Lopez, the President's recent statements regarding the need to strictly regulate mining and the ratification of the Agreement show the President "deeply cares for the country."

"This joint executive and legislative effort shows our unwavering commitment to protect the environment on a global scale,” said Lopez.

The Paris Agreement calls for the reduction of carbon emissions, which have been linked to the occurrence of natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena such as the supertyphoons that have struck the country in recent years.

Twenty-two senators unanimously approved Senate Resolution No. 320 on the climate pact. The President signed the Agreement last February 28.

The DENR chief also made special mention of Senate Environment Committee Chair Sen. Loren Legarda, who the Secretary characterized as a tireless advocate and champion of the environment.

“The nation is thankful to Senator Legarda for her decades-long crusade to popularize and elevate environmental issues," Lopez said. ###