Photo Releases

Dr. Wilfredo V. Licuanan of the De la Salle University's Br. Alfred Shields, FSC Ocean Research (SHORE) Center and Biology Department, discusses the importance of coral reefs, as well as the role and benefits of marine biodiversity to human life. Licuanan made his pitch for biodiversity during the meeting of DENR and mining company officials to discuss ways to help communities that host mining operations. ###

Philippine Biochar Association President Philip Camara explains to mining company officials how biochar technology can contribute to the rehabilitation of mining-affected  lands and provide livelihood to host communities in mine sites. Serving as resource person during the DENR and miners meeting held Thursday at the DENR Social Hall, Camara cited the poverty incidence in Dinagat Islands due to the loss of biological capacity of all mine sites in the island, which he said can be rehabilitated using the biochar technology. ###

Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina L. Lopez meets with officials of mining companies on Thursday, urging them to take part in the DENR’s integrated area development approach to create “mini economic zones” that can generate employment, livelihood and income-generating activities in communities where they operate.  Lopez also discussed in the meeting the Total Economic Valuation Framework, which she asked the miners to use in identifying and quantifying the environmental impacts of their operations. ###

Dumagats from Sierra Madre pose with Biodiversity Management Bureau Director Theresa Mundita S. Lim, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples lawyer Josefina R. Agusti (2nd and 1st from right, second row), and Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance, Inc. Chair Rev. Fr. Peter Montallana (left) after receiving their Certificates of Recognition for their participation in the Indigenous Peoples' Summit held Sept. 23-26, 2016 in Quezon City. The four-day summit which brought together IPs from the Sierra Madre including the Dumagat, Agta, Alta, Remuntado, Bugkalot and Ilongot, sought to empower them, present their plight and seek support from the government.###

Environment Secretary Gina Lopez explains to media that she is not against mining but said that they (mining firms) should do it in a way “it does not cause suffering” and should have “reverence for the common good”. Lopez made the statement during Tuesday’s press conference where the results of the month-long mining audit were presented to media. Of the 41 metallic mines audited, only 11 “passed” the review. ###