To competently evaluate target performance and accomplishments of the field offices for FY 2020, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Region X conducted a virtual 4th Quarter Management Conference (ManCon) on December 9, 2020.

The 4th Quarter ManCon which was conducted virtually was graced by newly installed DENR Assistant Secretary for Field Operations-Mindanao and Legislative Affairs Joan A. Lagunda. ASEC Lagunda prior to her present designation is the OIC, Assistant Secretary for Administration and Human Resources at the central office.

ASEC Lagunda lauded DENR X officials headed by Regional Executive Director Arleigh J. Adorable, Environmental Management Bureau X Regional Director Reynaldo S. Digamo and Mines and Geosciences Bureau X Regional Director Efren B. Carido for the great job and good leadership for coming up with the best report during the DENR Year-end Assessment report.

She also thanked and acknowledged the efforts of Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Aldrich Resma and Assistant Regional Director for Management Felix S. Mirasol, Jr. and the different Provincial and Community Environment and Natural Resources Officers (PENROs and CENROs) along with their respective personnel for the cooperation and teamwork in accomplishing its targets.

ASEC Lagunda in her message quoted as saying, “You truly shown, that we are one, we really work as one, that is why we win as one, show to them and lead the way for them in doing.” She further said, “Do not be contented on the good performance, there are still more things to improve for 2021, maintain the standard and strive to be No. 1 region in 2021”, she added.

According to her during the presentation of the physical and financial performance of the DENR Mindanao team’s priority program, Undersecretary for Policy, Planning and International Affairs Jonas R. Leones was very much impressed on the report particularly the documentation of targets and how it was comprehensively made.

ASEC Lagunda also took the opportunity to instruct PENROs and CENROs to submit the list of Forest Protection Officers with their respective assignments per CENRO. She also requested to submit the list of checkpoints along with its strategic location, the list of hotspot areas and indicate whether the checkpoint is still active or not.

Furthermore, RED Adorable thanked ASEC Lagunda for gracing the 4th Quarter ManCon. He reiterated ASEC Lagunda’s instruction to PENROs and CENROs to reassess all the Anti-illegal Logging Task Force (AILTF) checkpoints and determine its final number based on strategic importance and location, security considerations, and the presence and cooperation of other AILTF members.

He also mentioned the holding of the Mindanao Command Conference and Strategic Planning Workshop which will be on January 10-13, 2021 here in Cagayan de Oro City.

The activity will be participated in by all DENR-Mindanao REDs, RDs and ARDs and other regional Officials.

On the other hand, RED Adorable expressed his concerns on the increase number of COVID-19 infection in the City. He assured that the regional and field offices are implementing the basic safety health protocol and precautionary measures to control the spread of the virus. #TayoAngKalikasan (RPAO MR No. 12-308-2020)