In line with the annual celebration of World Environment Day every 5th of June, DENR X conducted a regionwide simultaneous office clean-up on June 5, 2020.

The activity is meant to maintain the cleanliness of the office premises as well as to reduce the risk of illnesses especially in this time of global disease pandemic brought by COVID-19. On top of these reasons, World Environment Day is celebrated to encourage global awareness on the current state of the environment and to promote its protection against destructive human activities.

This year’s celebratory theme of World Environment Day ‘Time for Nature’ demonstrates the corresponding responsibility of humans toward nature. Alongside the benefits derived from it, humans have the moral and social obligation to protect and upkeep the same. It is worth stressing that it is high time for us to take extra care for nature in order to preserve the present and future generation. This present health crisis brought by COVID-19 as global disease pandemic paved the way for us to realize that part of taking care of ourselves is the innate responsibility to take good care for our nature.

The clean-up served as the preliminary activity for the launching of The Search for Environment Friendly Place to be participated in by DENR X Divisions in the Regional Office.

The contest aims to engage the employees in the maintenance and cleanliness of the office especially in this time of health crisis. It likewise promotes a greener and beautiful workplace and surroundings, encourage advocacy on zero waste environment through proper waste segregation or recycling of materials into new products, and stimulate the habit to spend less and save more money by initiating pro-environment and zero waste management activities. #TayoAngKalikasan RPAO MR No. 06-140-2020