Landslides are becoming more prevalent in the country lately because of the onslaught of typhoons that are primarily caused by climate change. As a vital environmental issue, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) encourages the public to take precautions in their respective areas with the use of geohazard maps which serves to “identify various geological features and associated hazards and inform the local officials about the susceptibility of their communities.” 
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There is probably no other fauna in the country that has captured the hearts of Filipinos than the Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi).

Recently, the country once again had a reason to celebrate when the PEC announced that another raptor was successfully hatched in captivity. It was the 28th since 1992.
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A strong beliver of GNH, Lopez envisions the Philippines as a country whose citizens give more value to the environment than material possessions and physical comforts in the pursuit of hapiness.

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When Secretary Regina Paz “Gina” Lopez accepted the responsibility of taking over the helm of the DENR, she said that one of her goals for the agency is to transform its image from being “merely regulatory’ to being a “development arm” that would make “people more economically prosperous through sustainable purposes.”

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As one enters the school grounds of Camaligan National High School (CNHS), an arch of mature flowering trees greet the visitors.  The caballeros in bloom, along with the evergreen leaves of neem trees, have created a vibrant yet welcoming sight to all. 


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