Four communities in Lanao provinces stand to benefit from the Sustainable Integrated Development and Management (SIADM) approach of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The DENR under the leadership of Secretary Regina Paz L. Lopez adopts the SIADM approach to pursue conservation and management of the environment and natural resources.  It is centered on watershed ecosystem rehabilitation and development and it will be implemented through convergence with stakeholders, including academe, networks of environmentalists, the private sector and government agencies.

The project sites are located in Nunungan, Lanao del Norte and Digkilaan, Iligan City, Butig, Lanao del Sur and Marawi City.  It covers Nunungan (headwater of Maranding River Watershed), Digkilaan Subwatershed of  Mandulog River Watershed; Malaig Subwatershed and Saguiaran – Marawi Subwatershed of  Lake Lanao Watershed.

The activities of SIADM  are mainstreamed  through the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP)  for  Lake Lanao Watershed.

The components of SIADM include sub-watershed planning, area/site development, capacity building and governance mechanism, project management and supervision and projects with Local Government Units. 

Activities under sub-watershed planning include sub-watershed characterization cum vulnerability assessment; preparation, approval and adoption of Integrated Watershed Management and investment plan; preparation, approval and adoption of Municipal Land Use Plan; preparation and approval of subproject proposal; and site assessment.

Area/site development activities include production of forest and natural resources; development of protection areas; and livelihood and enterprise development.

Creation and operationalization of watershed management council; environmental awareness/Information, Education and Communication; and trainings/seminars are the activities under capability building and governance mechanism.

Activities under project management supervision include empowerment of project staff; monitoring and evaluation; provision of logistic support and equipment; and support to general operation.

Road rehabilitation and water system development will be undertaken with the support of the local government unit.

The DENR 10 has presented the SIADM Plan to the stakeholders during a convergence meeting in their respective project sites in December 2016.  The SIADM Plan for each project site covering 2017 – 2022 Work and Financial Plan were submitted for approval to Central Office last year. (RSCIS # 03-20-2017)