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Nothing is permanent except change. This time-proven declaration accurately sums up the fickle character of Mother Nature. Climate Change connotes transient episodes in the earth’s history yet geohazards have fixed locations. Two different sides to the same coin.

Climate change is a hot and polarizing issue, with people divided into two (2) camps: either believing it is already upon us or adamantly denying it is happening. If we look back long enough in time, we can see that the earth has already experienced many climate changes. It was warm when the dinosaurs ruled the earth and then turned cold for the wooly mammoths. Climate change is a certainty; it is not a matter of if but more of a matter of when. It may not be anthropomorphic or caused by man, but we can and do aggravate the situation.

As stated before, Climate change and geohazards are two (2) sides to one coin. Experts foresee increased flooding and storms with Climate Change. We hasten to add that prolonged heavy rainfall will trigger landslides. Areas prone to flooding and landslides can be predicted and mapped out, that’s what we in the DENR call geohazard assessment and mapping.

We already have this program in place for years, our Mines and Geosciences people has been toiling silently to create maps and provide them to Local Government Units. In the very near future, the DENR will put up a website specifically for these geohazard maps, where they can be accessed by everybody. 

We already have the tools, in the form of the maps, to avoid extensive loss of lives and properties in case of natural catastrophes but we still need to hurdle political obstacles. Unknown to many, we have already provided geohazard maps to several LGUs and have been advocating for its inclusion in their development planning. However, our is the voice in the wilderness, loud but unheard.

The DENR has already made headway in partnering with private entities, LGUs, NGOs, OGAs, and the academe in our effort to green and clean-up our countries, we also need help in mitigating possible loss from geohazards and nature’s wrath. Recently, in the aftermath of “Sendong,”  the Honorable Congressman Loreto S. Ocampos of the Second District of Misamis Occidental and the Municipality of Naawan, Misamis Oritnal has sent request for assistance strengthening their geohazard capabilities. We are always ready to serve the people, let us prioritize their welfare more than politics.

In our haste for “development,” we have often taken forcibly from Mother Nature areas that should be left for her. She will retake them.




To spearhead the campaign in educating the youth on the importance of wildlife, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Region 10 (DENR 10) through its Protected Area Management and Biodiversity Conservation Section (PAMBCS) conducted a symposium on March 2, 2018 in Cagayan de Oro City.

The symposium was attended by selected students of Macabalan National High School. The activity is in observance of the World Wildlife Day which is celebrated globally every March 3, the day when the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted in 1973. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Big cats: predators under threat.”

This year’s celebration focused on big cats – Lions, Tigers, Leopards and Jaguars as well as their smaller cousins such as Cheetahs, Snow Leopards and Pumas, who are facing many different threats, most of which are caused by human activities. According to SeeTheWild Organization, roughly 80 percent of the 40 wild cat species are shrinking and sixteen of them are considered vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered.

In his lecture, Ranoray Love A. Noro, Chief of PAMBCS reiterates that wildlife is important for their roles in preserving the balance of nature in the ecosystem where they belong. He also presented the threats to wildlife which includes illegal trade and habitat destruction.

The students also learned about Republic Act 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of 2001, an act providing for the conservation and protection of wildlife resources and their habitats. They also had a chance to visit the Regional Rescue Center inside the DENR 10 compound where they encountered real wild animals like the Philippine Hawk Eagle, the Python and the Cobra.

Noro gave emphasis on teaching the youth the importance of conserving and preserving biodiversity, including wildlife, because the youth will be next in line in the stewardship of our mother Earth. Ana Mae Sumalinog (RPAO MR No. 03-57-2018)

Photo Releases

Forester Antonietto C. Añora (left) accepts the Certificate of Recognition for and in behalf of the Holcim Resources and Development Corporation (HRDC) from DENR 10 Regional Director Arleigh J. Adorable (center) and Mines and Geosciences Bureau 10 Regional Director Rex S. Monsanto (right) during the DENR 10’s Monday Convocation program on April 10 in Cagayan de Oro City. (more...)

Engr. Roel L. Piloton (left) accepts the Certificate of Recognition for and in behalf of the Republic Cement Iligan, Inc. (RCI, Inc.) from DENR 10 Regional Director Arleigh J. Adorable (center) and Mines and Geosciences Bureau 10 Regional Director Rex S. Monsanto (right) during the DENR 10’s Monday Convocation program on April 10 in Cagayan de Oro City. (more...)

DENR 10 Regional Director Arleigh J. Adorable (right) leads the oath taking of nine newly hired and promoted DENR Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office personnel from Camiguin on April 10 at the DENR 10 regional office in Cagayan de Oro City. (more...)

KICK-OFF ACTIVITY OF WOMEN'S MONTH. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Region 10 Regional Director Arleigh J. Adorable welcomes the participants to the Kick-Off Activity (more...)

WOMEN’S MONTH. Regional Director Arleigh J. Adorable (2nd from left) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Region 10 (DENR 10) awards the Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Simer E. Belacho (4th from left) for being the resource person in a lecture on Sexual and Reproductive Health during the Monday Convocation of DENR 10 on March 19, 2018 in Cagayan de Oro City. (more...)

YOUTH CAMP. DENR 10 Regional Director Arleigh J. Adorable (right) congratulates the youths (left) from Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte and other localities in Cagayan de Oro City for grabbing the chance to participate in the annual Environmental Youth Camp (more...)

MARINE PROTECTED AREA MARKERS. To promote coral reef conservation and as part of the celebration of the International Year of the Reef, the DENR 10 represented by Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Paquito D. Melicor, Jr. (3rd from right) recently distributed Marine Protected Area markers (more...)

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